What do the offices of the future look like?

Despite the increase in online-only businesses, there will always be a need to receive visitors at your place of work and provide a place for them to make themselves comfortable on arrival.

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From recruitment agencies to business phone answering services, it’s widely recognised how important first impressions are, not least by making visitors feel valued and welcome. The reception environment is just as important; what visitors see when they walk through the door of your premises for the first time will immediately give them an impression of not just your company, but also of you as an individual.


Whether they’re suppliers, customers or prospective employees, most of your visitors will spend at least a few minutes in your reception or waiting area, and they most likely will need to be offered a seat. Reception chairs say a lot about the kind of organisation you have. Are they clean? Well maintained? Comfortable? Do they all match?


If you’re looking to replace your reception furniture, another aspect to consider is style. Do you want your visitors to sink back in a plush sofa, or do rows of chairs better suit your type of business? Are fabrics more suitable for the placing and purpose of your reception area, or is vinyl or antibacterial seating more appropriate?


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If your visitors are being offered refreshments while they wait, you may need to think about coffee tables that are appropriate for the height of the seating, or you may need tables where you can display brochures or magazines.

Designing your reception area isn’t so different in some ways from designing a room in your home in terms of purpose, practicality and comfort. Even if it’s a small, dedicated visitors’ waiting room where you work from home, a couple of smart chairs make all the difference. However, finding the funds for decorating and re-furnishing doesn’t have to be daunting. If you have a large reception area that needs a greater number of chairs, online outlets like Best Buy reception chairs are worth contacting for bulk prices.

With so many styles to choose from, it’s important to get the impression right. Many office furniture outlets offer designs that are stylish and smart without making too much of an impact on your company’s expenditure.