Important things to know about the right mattress size

Mattress size is always a big deal for first time mattress buyers. With a plenty of size options in Mattress Mesa,buyers can feel a bit confused. But the variety of sizes means that people can find the exact size for their bed frames. Also, the variety of sizes fulfill the needs of all types of sleepers.

  • Standard sizes and dimensions of mattresses

When you go to a showroom, you will have to choose between a single or double mattresses. There are queen and king size mattresses. Usually, a single mattress has a size of 99*191 cm. A double mattress has the size of 137*191 cm. A queen size mattress has the size of 150*203 cm. A king size mattress has the size of 193*203 cm. At a Mattress Mesa, you can find different types and sizes of mattresses.

Mattress Mesa

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  • The right mattress for children

The size of the mattress should match the size of your kid’s body. Usually single mattresses can work for a child’s bed. The category of twin or single mattress is the smallest size you can find. This is when you put crib mattresses out of competition. Single or twin can’t fit the body of adults. It will be too small for them. Trying these mattresses for adults can cause problems in their spines. As your child grows taller, you can replace the twin mattress with the twin XL mattress. It is longer than the standard single mattress.You can take a look at Mattress Mesaif you are uncertain about the sizes.

  • The right mattress for adults

A double of full mattress can be an ideal option for single adults. Generally, when you pick a mattress for an adult, you should keep their length in mind. The mattress needs to be about 15 cm longer than the person using it. Double mattresses can’t work for couple, because there won’t be enough personal space for both sleepers. It could be uncomfortable especially if your partner likes to toss and turn a lot.

  • The right mattress for couples

Couples have no other option than king or queen mattresses. King and queen mattresses have the same length, but the king mattress is wider. Both options offer more than sufficient sleeping surface. Talking to salespersons at Mattress Mesa can help you make more in-depth comparisons. Generally, you can decide based on the need ofpersonal space for both partners. Also, the overall space in the room matters.