Cover these home maintenance tips for winter

The winter months can be a peak time for home emergencies, however, with a little forward planning many common issues can be avoided. Here are our top ten winter home maintenance tips:

home maintenance

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Prepare for cold weather

Buy a sack of grit and salt to spread on paths in icy weather. The salt helps ice melt faster and the grit gives you extra traction when walking. Have a snow shovel ready.

Attend to outdoor maintenance

Clear gutters of any leaves which have accumulated during autumn. This will help to prevent leaks and damp spots. Tidy away pots and garden furniture.

Check your roof

Check your roof for any loose or missing tiles, particularly after storms. Check any flat roof for leaks.

Stock up on essential supplies

If bad weather does hit utility supplies can be interrupted and even if you can make it to the shops, delivery difficulties can cause temporary shortages. Have a wind up or battery powered light ready to use in case of a power cut, and have some non-perishable food supplies put to one side.

home maintenance

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Install or upgrade double glazing windows and doors

According to the Energy Saving Trust, modern energy efficient double glazing can make a big difference to the comfort of your home, your heating bills and carbon footprint. Check your existing double glazing units for broken seals and call in a double glazing company to replace any broken units. If you do not already have double glazing, make installing it this winter a priority. In Worcester double glazing is available from firms such as https://www.firmfix.co.uk/.

Inspect outdoor lighting

The long winter nights leave us more reliant on outdoor lighting. Check that all is in working order and replace any broken bulbs.

Insulate pipework

Insulate outdoor taps and any pipes close to the exterior of your property to avoid burst pipes and leaks.

Store outdoor tools

Clean and put away any gardening tools so that they are ready to use in the spring. A coating of oil will help to prevent rust.

Service heating

Have your heating system serviced to ensure optimum performance during cold weather.

Have chimneys swept

If you use your fireplace make sure that you have your chimney swept to clear away soot and debris before lighting the first fire of the season.