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    Birmingham’s oldest pub plans a week of St Patrick’s Day festivities

    For the fourth year running, Birmingham’s oldest pub, The Old Crown, is planning to hold St Patrick’s Day festivities. St Patrick’s Day is on Tuesday 17 March; however, The Old Crown will be celebrating all week.

    St Patrick's Day

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    Fundraising parade

    One of the key events will be a fundraiser aimed specifically at raising funds for the parade. Ticket holders will get to see the Irish group Goats Don’t Shave, which is booked to perform, and fans will get to hear some well-known Irish tunes at the gig that takes place on Saturday 14 March. The concert will coincide with the Six Nations rugby, which sees France take on Ireland. The band first performed at The Old Crown in 1990 and has released five singles, including The Hills of Donegal and Kas Vegas, and has built up a large and loyal following.

    The owners of The Old Crown have also donated funds to the organisers of the parade after a key sponsor pulled out. The parade is seen by many as the highlight of the week, with people travelling many miles to attend.

    St Patrick's Day

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    The parade

    The parade takes place on Sunday 15 March and is the third-largest in the world. After the parade, the main event will be in The Old Crown garden marquee for a day of music. The line-up will feature several musicians and bands and – of course – a lot of Guinness is expected to be drunk; aptly, Guinness is supporting the event.

    Washington has long celebrated St Patrick’s Day and plans for this year’s celebrations are going ahead despite the political campaigning, according to the Irish Times.

    Anyone looking for St Patricks Day gifts for friends and family can shop online. They will find lots of St Patricks Day gift ideas, such as traditional clothing, jewellery and confectionery.

    Friday 13 March

    On Friday 13 March, there will be music celebrating both Queen and Fleetwood Mac. This will take place in the pub’s large outdoor space. The line-up includes DJs, performers, dancers and special effects, and is expected to go on late into the evening.

    History of The Old Crown

    This Grade II listed building was built in 1368 and has undergone extensive renovation while ensuring the fireplace and other original features are protected.

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    How does a new boiler affect your carbon footprint?

    We all want cosy warm houses and hot water on tap, but at what cost? With climate change on top of national and international agendas, reducing our carbon footprint has become something we all need to be aware of. At the rate the climate is changing and the number of species is in decline, we all need to take this seriously and do what we can to minimise our impact.

    carbon footprint

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    Reducing your carbon footprint at home

    We will all use energy every day in some form or another; it is inevitable. What matters is how conscious we are of the amount of unnecessary energy we waste and how simple behaviour changes can really add up.

    There are many other ways to save energy and, in turn, save money. Making sure your appliances are up to date, reducing the thermostat temperature by one (or more) degrees, installing a smart meter to monitor your energy usage, and using the economy setting to have shorter showers are just a few of many possible examples.

    carbon footprint

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    For seven more ways you can reduce your carbon footprint at home, see https://www.huffpost.com/entry/7-instant-ways-to-reduce-your-carbon-footprint_b_59321992e4b00573ab57a383?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvLnVrLw&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAIEDcFJU2LpZG97yA07M6Djy5JXd5AMZbYrM9v5-T6LKK_l9yUdCn0vI9MzZyleneemfayV2kgp47bHGjO2LH8fMgRN0zFLh_TRI389AEQ1GhpEL0A8eD5ibhF6VBkxpAIMG0qcUjYqJ7NNMabQSRDyo-oOP1QOn9CsrTaNd3HYM).

    Upgrading appliances

    In many homes, the appliances haven’t been changed for years or possibly decades in some cases, and that means their efficiency will be far from optimal. Switching your washing machine, dishwasher and fridge for A-rated appliances will make sure you are getting the job done in a way that minimises the impact on the environment.

    Our boilers are one of the most significant energy users. Getting people like those from boiler installation Cheltenham to inspect, service or replace your existing boiler will have a significant effect on the energy you use.

    Modern A-rated boilers can be as much as 90% more efficient than older models. This means they run on less energy, reduce your CO2 output and provide you with the heating and hot water you want. To see the latest range of A-rated boilers and learn more about their impact, visit boiler installation Cheltenham.

    It is estimated that if we all swapped out old boilers for an A-rated model, 6.7 million fewer tonnes of CO2 would be released into the atmosphere each year. Just imagine if we all did that and all of the other things within our capabilities.

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    What Pharmacies Nee to Know About Storing Refrigerated Medical Products

    Patients and healthcare professionals should be able to trust any medicine sold or supplied for purpose.

    Medical Products

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    To ensure this assumption can be maintained, medicines must be manufactured in licensed facilities and distributed through licensed wholesalers. At every stage, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) must be followed.


    Assuming manufacturing has been conducted appropriately, the next step is preparing the medicines for distribution.

    Often, products will need to be stored and transported at low temperatures; these are known as “cold chain products”. They must be stored and distributed with strict obedience to labelling requirements, particularly when dealing with ‘high risk’ medications such as vaccines or insulin, as these can freeze if too cold or spoil if too warm.

    It’s not unusual for medical products to be transported through a range of storage locations along their journey. The arrangements from one location to another are treated as an “extension of storage”, so distributors should consider each journey as unique and take the same precautions for each step as for the journey as a whole. In some cases items may be stored on shelving that you can find from used pallet racking Ireland companies and then further down the journey they may be stored on dedicated shelves or even in cold storage of one variety or another.

    Medical Products

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    Cold chain items must be packed to ensure correct temperatures are maintained. For small amounts of lower-risk products being transported over a short distance (i.e. a journey time of under three hours), distributors can usually package these in insulated containers. If the journey will be longer, icepacks can be added, although they must be careful not to allow icepacks to touch the medicine.

    For larger volumes refrigerated transport may be required. This is particularly important if the journey may be delayed. Ensuring the correct medical refrigeration is used throughout the journey is vital to safe delivery.


    For pharmacies receiving cold chain items, these must be immediately stored in a refrigerator before checks are made to ensure transportation was completed with appropriate care.

    If the pharmacy cannot confirm products have been transported appropriately, the delivery must be quarantined whilst the supplier is questioned. Until the pharmacy is convinced products are safe, they should not be used or sold.


    Pharmacists must ensure medical refrigeration can store products between 2 and 6 degrees C, contains an accurate thermometer, is checked daily and minimum and maximum temperatures are recorded.

    It’s recommended for pharmacies to use purpose-built refrigeration units for medication, especially if handling high-risk products.

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    What do the offices of the future look like?

    Despite the increase in online-only businesses, there will always be a need to receive visitors at your place of work and provide a place for them to make themselves comfortable on arrival.

    receive visitors

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    From recruitment agencies to business phone answering services, it’s widely recognised how important first impressions are, not least by making visitors feel valued and welcome. The reception environment is just as important; what visitors see when they walk through the door of your premises for the first time will immediately give them an impression of not just your company, but also of you as an individual.


    Whether they’re suppliers, customers or prospective employees, most of your visitors will spend at least a few minutes in your reception or waiting area, and they most likely will need to be offered a seat. Reception chairs say a lot about the kind of organisation you have. Are they clean? Well maintained? Comfortable? Do they all match?


    If you’re looking to replace your reception furniture, another aspect to consider is style. Do you want your visitors to sink back in a plush sofa, or do rows of chairs better suit your type of business? Are fabrics more suitable for the placing and purpose of your reception area, or is vinyl or antibacterial seating more appropriate?


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    If your visitors are being offered refreshments while they wait, you may need to think about coffee tables that are appropriate for the height of the seating, or you may need tables where you can display brochures or magazines.

    Designing your reception area isn’t so different in some ways from designing a room in your home in terms of purpose, practicality and comfort. Even if it’s a small, dedicated visitors’ waiting room where you work from home, a couple of smart chairs make all the difference. However, finding the funds for decorating and re-furnishing doesn’t have to be daunting. If you have a large reception area that needs a greater number of chairs, online outlets like Best Buy reception chairs are worth contacting for bulk prices.

    With so many styles to choose from, it’s important to get the impression right. Many office furniture outlets offer designs that are stylish and smart without making too much of an impact on your company’s expenditure.

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    Cover these home maintenance tips for winter

    The winter months can be a peak time for home emergencies, however, with a little forward planning many common issues can be avoided. Here are our top ten winter home maintenance tips:

    home maintenance

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    Prepare for cold weather

    Buy a sack of grit and salt to spread on paths in icy weather. The salt helps ice melt faster and the grit gives you extra traction when walking. Have a snow shovel ready.

    Attend to outdoor maintenance

    Clear gutters of any leaves which have accumulated during autumn. This will help to prevent leaks and damp spots. Tidy away pots and garden furniture.

    Check your roof

    Check your roof for any loose or missing tiles, particularly after storms. Check any flat roof for leaks.

    Stock up on essential supplies

    If bad weather does hit utility supplies can be interrupted and even if you can make it to the shops, delivery difficulties can cause temporary shortages. Have a wind up or battery powered light ready to use in case of a power cut, and have some non-perishable food supplies put to one side.

    home maintenance

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    Install or upgrade double glazing windows and doors

    According to the Energy Saving Trust, modern energy efficient double glazing can make a big difference to the comfort of your home, your heating bills and carbon footprint. Check your existing double glazing units for broken seals and call in a double glazing company to replace any broken units. If you do not already have double glazing, make installing it this winter a priority. In Worcester double glazing is available from firms such as https://www.firmfix.co.uk/.

    Inspect outdoor lighting

    The long winter nights leave us more reliant on outdoor lighting. Check that all is in working order and replace any broken bulbs.

    Insulate pipework

    Insulate outdoor taps and any pipes close to the exterior of your property to avoid burst pipes and leaks.

    Store outdoor tools

    Clean and put away any gardening tools so that they are ready to use in the spring. A coating of oil will help to prevent rust.

    Service heating

    Have your heating system serviced to ensure optimum performance during cold weather.

    Have chimneys swept

    If you use your fireplace make sure that you have your chimney swept to clear away soot and debris before lighting the first fire of the season.

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    Essential maintenance for your commercial kitchen appliances

    If you want to keep your commercial kitchen running smoothly, maintenance is key. With a few simple general tips and some specific maintenance routines for your cooling, cleaning and cooking equipment, you’ll keep your kitchen running like clockwork.

    kitchen appliances

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    Read the manual

    Before you start to clean and care for your equipment, read the manual. Each appliance will have its own maintenance requirements that you’ll need to be aware of – that way you can get the best out of your equipment and help to prevent any accidents.

    Keep on top of repairs

    If any of your appliances have started making a strange sound, chances are there’s a fault that needs fixing. Staying on top of repairs is the best way to keep your equipment running at full capacity. Make sure any repairs are done by a qualified professional.

    kitchen appliances

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    Clean it up

    Over time grease, grime and food particles can build up in appliances like commercial dishwashers. This, in turn, can cause your equipment to fail unless you keep on top of cleaning and sanitising your equipment with a regular maintenance routine. You should also ensure that portable equipment is stored securely on Longspan Shelving that will ensure that they are not damaged through accidental knocks and drops and also helps to keep them clean and away from drips.

    Schedule maintenance

    To keep your kitchen and all its appliances running at optimum performance, you need to plan a proper programme of scheduled maintenance. Having your equipment overseen by the professionals is the smart way to minimise unnecessary downtime while your appliances are given a thorough check.

    Optimise efficiency

    Keeping your appliances running smoothly makes sense for customer satisfaction and the reputation of your restaurant. After all, how can you build a great experience when your kitchen has to close after a vital piece of equipment breaks down?

    When dealing with cooling and freezing equipment, make sure air filters are kept as clean and grease free as possible and make sure door seals are tight and well fitting with no cracks or splits. Fryers should be thoroughly boiled clean once a week and extractor fans cleaned and filters replaced. Every part of your range or griddle should be thoroughly cleaned down after every use.

    Follow these simple maintenance tips and you’ll prevent malfunctions and breakdowns in your commercial kitchen. That should build your reputation as the best place in town.

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    The Carry Back Truth about Female Ginseng Collagen oral beauty pills

    Beauty Product is only a circumstance that the cure is actually all that is about the sufferer’s mind any treatment, notwithstanding reasonable, quick and enduring treatment. This truly is every now and again found with Collagen Female Ginseng oral pills. Collagen Female Ginseng oral pills is utilized like a specialist that was significant to support the delicacy and give help and furthermore to secure of stressing the area and scratchiness. Some Collagen Female Ginseng oral pills is made like a relieving for that skin; along these lines some deadness can be made by it towards use’s snappy zone. Beauty Product products that are extra are essentially creams which are proposed towards the spread of Beauty Product as neutralizing movement. The moisturizer is essentially connected when of morning, for that most segment in the wake of invigorating, after a shower and before leaving for the duration of the night to rest.

    Collagen oral beauty pills

    This kind of sam to nu collagen holds the blow drying of your skin, and various flooding Beauty Product products are contained particularly thinking about Beauty Product, for the explanation that they do not have any unforgiving fake, scents or cleaners of any kind, and normally incorporate fixings that quiet the skin fundamentally more than steady. Positively a couple of common Beauty Product creams are is, normally containing of the blend of homegrown additional fixings and cures. A typical model is only a principal flooding cream with so much things as grain stick, grape oil and a few herbs blended in with it to manage the issues of the Beauty Product tolerant. This truly is every so often a decent unique decision to restoratively proposed Beauty Product products that unquestionably will have reactions and can be significantly progressively expensive, anyway it is no sort of screening or conviction.

    There would be an unmistakably progressively conventional strategy to continue straightforwardly for that recuperating answer of Beauty Product products. These give quick guide that is enormous and powerful by, on the grounds that its exploratory technique empowers the wellspring of the issue to get fixated on, as restricted when it exists to only assaulting it. Different meds for Beauty Product are property cures. These house cure Collagen Female Ginseng oral pills is typically more intriguing than powerful and exorbitantly boundless inside their disparities. Individuals that are various pronounce by these strategies for decrease, by and by others express that the guide take after an impact that is misleading, they expect along these lines it does that it will show signs of improvement. A few of those decision Beauty Product products incorporate tomato stick, cereal paste, and nutmeg paste and there are numerous different undertakings that people have created.

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    Where to Find MP39ja Song Download?

    Is it accurate to say that you are looking for MP3s download, anyway uncertain where to find them? This short article plans to illuminate you extra concerning the different download decisions offered, alongside precisely how to download and introduce songs.  To put songs on your Zone gamer is genuinely simple. Simply put your songs plate directly into your PC framework just as have your media gamer open. After that after you find the Mp3 you wish to download and introduce to your Zone gamer, pick the tunes just as snap the Rip switch. Next off, join your gamer to your PC framework utilizing a USB wire. When your Zone gamer has really been viably connected to your COMPUTER, you can either pick to match up the reports quickly to your gamer, or you can set up the synchronize elective of course just as have every one of the songs media reproduced directly into your gamer in a split second.

    MP39ja Song Download

    You have various choices to acquire MP3s. One favored choice among Zone owners is to join with a one-time charge membership site to access to interminable Mp3 downloads. These web locales are updated with the most forward-thinking Mp3s just as different other media records like TV programs, computer games, films just as video cuts. Extra methods would surely be to join with a compensation for each DJ Maphorisa songs. This option ordinarily allows people to download and introduce one track for around 1 each. This option is ordinarily extraordinary for clients that are simply trying to download and introduce a few tracks, yet can be extremely exorbitant for clients that download and introduce various tracks since the modest cost of each track can really start to aggregate.

    Rounding out your Zone gamer with the present tracks is a really simple point to do. Preferably with the above recommendations you have really gained a greatly improved comprehension of the choices of Mp3 download that you have. Look at the web connect recorded beneath to discover all the more concerning unhindered Zone download sites.

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    Quick and easy tips keep your vehicle shine with car body cleaning service

    A clean automobile can make all the distinction in how you really feel regarding your car. Understanding that your car looks great on the outside can offer you a feeling of pride and achievement. Maintaining your vehicle tidy does not have to be trouble. With the right supplies as well as a little time, a tidy vehicle can rapidly become a reality for you. Make use of the pointers below to assist.

    car body cleaning service

    • Getting the ideal products. When it comes times to buy ve sinh khoang may o to products for your automobile, you intend to make certain that you have the best supplies offered. This is especially true for washing the outside of your lorry. Choose a specialty auto cleaning hair shampoo that will certainly remove the dust while shielding the color and coating of your auto. Likewise, you wish to pick a high quality shampoo for cleaning the inside of your lorry. Don’t settle for off brand materials that will certainly offer just to spoil the paint on your cars and truck. Quality products are a must!
    • Clean your vehicle frequently. To keep you cars and truck looking its finest, tidy your vehicle commonly. Waiting numerous weeks each time might permit time for insects as well as dust to go into your paint. Wash your motor at the very least when a week to get rid of any type of excess dust, tar, and also bugs that you might have come in contact with.
    • Invest in a good vacuum cleaner. The within your vehicle is equally as essential as the outside of it. An excellent vacuum will assist you maintain the within your car tidy. It is advised that you acquire a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to aid take care of spill and dirt that get into the within you. Check this out https://dprovietnam.com/gia-ve-sinh-khoang-may-o-to-dpro/ to know more.
    • Avoid cars and truck cleans. While it might seem much easier to drive your automobile through an automobile laundry, you will certainly see much better results if you choose to cleanse your auto by yourself. Automobile washes are well-known for leaving scratches as well as removing paint. In an initiative to shield your car, pick to do the task yourself instead of taking the simple escape.

    Use the ideas over to help maintain your vehicle clean. Guarantee that you have the best products to do the job such as specialized auto cleaning shampoo. Wash your car a minimum of once a week to guarantee that your free it from the several pollutants that are usually a result of riding on the roadways. Make certain your lorry considers excellent as you do by maintaining it tidy.

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    Commercial Roofing Services with the Advantages

    RoofersRoofs provide the much needed Protection to any construction. You need to opt for the roofing material attentively that matches your building and be certain it lasts long. You may boost your roof life with appropriate setup and quality services provided by professional roofing contractors. The roofing specialists are qualified technicians using advanced procedures to survey your roofing and discover out the repair and maintenance needs. As soon as they figure out the damages, they indicate possible solutions, required material and an estimated price. When it comes to construct a new roof, or fix the one, their best tries to think of the best possible option in a cost effective way.

    There are many in hiring these specialists’ benefits. To get durability or a longer roof life, attempt to shield it and you need to use the materials that are right. Some home owners prefer clay tiles for durability. However this burden cannot be resisted by all sorts of houses as its heavy. Therefore, tiles are preferred by some home owners. Tiles offer great performance when compared to other roofing materials or asphalt shingles. This stays strong and provides water. Designs, various colors and styles are favored for roofs. Commercial Roofing brings a variety of options including styles and designs.

    Maintenance Work

    You have to choose the Roof material which needs maintenance. Torch on Roof Repairs and the maintenance increases workmanship and the quality of the service providers. Mobile roofing is another kind that requires less maintenance and uses tiles. If you install roofs which require a whole lot of care then its better you find professional support to clean and keep the roofs. Any detection of repair work needs to be fixed so that it does not lead to replacement or damage. During roof’s installation it is necessary Roofers has to pay special attention to the sequence of coats to be able to guarantee effectiveness of the functions. Fundamental elements are,

    • Damp proof membrane and vapor sealing pellicle
    • Warmth keeping lagging
    • Protection against wind
    • Roof boarding material
    • Ventilation arrangement
    • Components

    Offers and Discounts

    You need to be vigilant to avail discount prices and the offers of those roofing services suppliers. A number of businesses have taken up to supply these drainage and roof options to appeal to commercial complexes and residential apartments. Roof cracks, emergency water leakage services, leaks are services which they offer. As Soon as you shortlist a Company one of many, you can read the details of their services they supply and the care. No company should be just selected by you for Meeting with your roofing requirements. It is an important decision and you have to select wisely.